Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things that make me nervous-part deux


I am surprised that it ever goes well. Only by the grace of God. Just watching the video I linked to made me so stinking nervous.

They are never a good idea.


Laura said...

I laughed out loud at the girl (who appears to be by herself in the room?) was facing away from the pinata toward the wall, just swinging with all her might.

No one got hurt in that scenario. Except maybe her pride later on.

Caleb said...

The pinatas don't worry me as much as the people hanging them.

Does this post count as one of your ten for the month of February?

Josh Koehn said...

Laura-yes, that part was funny, and the easiest for me to watch since no one got hurt.

Caleb-of course it counts. I'm not a posting machine, this is what you get.

Toni said...

um.. that is why they now have strings for each kid to pull. Eventually the candy will give way after a few strings are pulled out. DON"T try to hit those... they won't break.