Monday, October 20, 2008

Guytano part 2

It was great to have Guy here. I've already been over that. If there are 5 good things about having him here, of course there are also 5 bad things.

5) It seemed like every ten minutes I got a text that said "Entertain me." For reals. I just counted. There were nine of them.
4) My dorm is honestly only big enough for one person. Two people is crowded. Especially when one is the biggest dummy I know.
3) Going to bed to the Lawrence Welk Show.
2) His visit came at the beginning of the hardest stretch of my semester, and overlapped for a day with my parents visiting, so I was being pulled in multiple directions, unable to spend as much time in each area as I wanted. I could have easily hung out with Guy all week, but just couldn't. It was a bummer.
1) It's hard to have one of my closest friends here, and then have them leave. I got spoiled.

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