Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guytano part 1

My dear friend and brother Guy Magno came back from Minnesota to Kentucky with me to spend a week hanging out with me and looking at Southern Seminary. Regarding this visit, I have a few thoughts.

5 best things about Guy Magno visiting:

5) Pillow talk.
4) Playing disc golf with two pot heads, with whom we sowed some seeds, Lord willing.
3) Threatening to force feed him summer sausage, then getting a care package from my Grandma which included a 3-lb. log of summer sausage. It was epic.
2) Finding out Kyle was engaged and not reacting appropriately.
1) Iron sharpens iron. Guy is one of my closest friends, and challenges me in a lot of ways. Spending a week with him is good for my soul.

1 comment:

Laura said...

1. Thank you for blogging.
2. Aren't 99.99% of disc golfers pot heads?
3. Thank goodness for grandmas. And care packages.