Monday, January 5, 2009

If some is good, more is better

I went to church three times this weekend. Just because I could. I love one of the churches, and I love people at the other two. I've linked all three, and I encourage you to check them out (but I realize that most of you who read this blog are probably familiar with them).

Saturday night I went to Bethlehem Baptist with Laurel. This was the church I love, and it is where I plan on becoming a member.

Sunday morning I went to Discover Church in Champlin. This is Jess and Andy's church, and I had told them I would go see it (and did in fact want to go anyway). It is a church plant and meets in a theater. That was an interesting experience, and I really enjoyed the sense of ownership and fellowship among the members. Setting up and tearing down a church every week takes a lot of commitment, and they did it joyfully. That's pretty sweet.

Sunday night I went to Corner Church in Downtown Minneapolis. This is Scott Woller's church, and he is one of my favorite people. It's a tiny church that meets in a coffee shop, both of which Scott started as part of his vision to reach the people of downtown with the love of Christ. Very cool.

These three churches are so incredibly different. All three have advantages and their own set of problems. I was blessed in attending all three.

May God glorify himself in each of those churches.

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