Monday, January 12, 2009

A few things to work on

I know I'm a few weeks late, but nevertheless, I have some resolutions. I've already been working on some of these, but as everyone knows, it isn't real unless it's on the blogosphere.

Without further ado, in 2009, I would like to (in no particular order)

Regarding Bible study
1. read 1 gospel per month
2. read the rest of the NT twice
3. read Psalms and Proverbs twice
4. read the rest of the OT once
5. memorize all the fighter verses
6. memorize Ephesians (this one will be the toughest)

Everything else
1. begin attending Bethlehem Seminary (this one's in the Lord's hands)
2. speak at Camp (this one's in Pete and the Lord's hands)
3. become a member at Bethlehem
4. join a small group
5. become a youtube sensation (now accepting ideas)
6. clean and organize my room
7. join a church league softball team
8. come to a better understanding of baptism
9. come to a better understanding of the media and how we as Christians should interact with it
10. bake something
11. present the Gospel
12. play more disc golf
13. build something
14. read at least one book that is on my shelf per month
15. explore the possibility of becoming a contestant on Jeopardy!
16. travel somewhere I've never been.

There's more, but that's what comes to mind now.


Guy Magno said...

I think I am supposed to claim one of them. Not worth it.

Actually, Count me in on a pretty good junk of them.

More. The people want more.

cutewatergirl said...

Joshua, As your landlord and more importantly your sister I would like to state that I fully support you especially on #6 and #10 of Everything else!

ashpad said...

My church has figher verses as well. I didn't know that other churches did it too... apparently they do.

Laura said...

For the last one: have you ever been to Lithuania?

Josh Koehn said...

Jess, I'll do my best.

Ashley, huh, I didn't know anyone besides Bethlehem did them, that's sweet.

Laura, yes, I've spent quite a decent amount of time in Lithuania. I travel to Eastern Europe for business fairly regularly.

Guy, punch yourself.

ashpad said...

My pastor went to seminary with John Piper... Or they grew up together. Something to that effect... they are friends anyhow, so maybe that's the connection.

Laura said...

Josh please stop by next time you are in the area. Karklu 5.

Laurel said...

6: or have your sister do it for you.

(just kidding)