Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They're sitting on my desk, and I'll probably never use them, but I can't bring myself to throw them away

rubber band

several twisty ties

a randomly sized allan wrench

a small pamphlet entitled "The Baptist Faith and Message"

It all adds up to create: a cluttered desk

How about your desk?


Toni said...

random hearing aid batteries

several sugar packets

plastic knife

business cards from my old job (how did they get in a pile at my new job?)

Laura said...

a bunch of paper waiting to be filed away or thrown away.

some empty boxes that used to contain mail from home.

birthday cards/flowers/one helium balloon

that's mostly it. The paper takes up a lot of space, It doesn't sound nearly as cool as your desk. Or Toni's.

Kids with clutter on their desk wet the bed.

Laura said...

ps. how's seminree?

ashpad said...

i do not have a desk... in the past i've found out that it only serves the purpose of holding junk, so i got rid of it entirely... solved my problem.

Laura said...

Josh please post about seminary so that I can live vicariously through it.

Josh Koehn said...

I'm sorry Laura, I completely ignored your first request for information. How am I going to build a following if I so poorly treat my most devoted follower? Shame, Joshua.