Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seminary is great: I quit. An Ode to Laura.

For the readers living in the Eastern block.

Southern Seminary has been amazing. The guys I have met are fun and love Jesus. The chapel services are great. The professors are pretty much all published in their field, their books are used at other seminaries, and on top of that they are humble and approachable. I have learned a bunch and know that if I were to get a degree there I would be well prepared for the ministry.

So I'm quitting.

It's hard to live 800 miles from everyone you know and love.

Southern, while being one of the more affordable seminaries, still necessitates that I take out more student loans to add to the ones I already have from NDSU, and I hate the idea of being any more in debt.

The Bethlehem Institute, at Bethlehem Baptist, John Piper's church, is starting a four year M.Div. program next fall which will be unbelievably amazing, and I think I would regret not taking a serious look at.

So, I have decided to leave Southern, take a semester off of school, move in with Jess and Andy in Brooklyn Center, find a job somewhere, and apply at Bethlehem. That's the short version of the story.


Josh Koehn said...


That is a link to the school if anyone is interested.

Laura said...

First, thank you for the ode.
Second, I must say that I was shocked, but
Third, I understand your reasonings and am ok with it,
Fourth, if I am to live vicariously through this post, does that mean I get to move in with Jess and Andy too? When they posted pictures of their house on facebook, I picked out which room would be mine, were I ever to be a guest. Jess said, "hehe, i believe our plan is to make it into the master, but i suppose if you came to visit we could kick andy out into one of the others and have a sleepover:)"
Fifth, yes, I did just go over to facebook to find that quote
Sixth, even though it seems like it because I am posting such a long comment, I don't have time at the moment to check out that link, but I will later.