Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 things I didn't expect when I moved here

I'm not off to a great start with this blogging business. I will try to be more regular.

I have some reading to do, so I'll keep this one short.

Of course moving to a new place, full of new people, in a new phase of life means things will happen that I didn't expect. Here are a few:

6) Hurricane Ike doesn't always feel like only causing damage along the coast. He sometimes also sends 80 m.p.h. gusts to Louisville, knocking down a bunch of trees, cutting the electricity, and giving Josh a week off of school.
5) Even with a week off of school, Josh will not catch up with his school work.
4) For a southerner, an important factor in whether or not a restaurant is good is the quality of the sweet tea.
3) When a speaker has done a particularly good job with his sermon, this is verbalized with a "Man, that preacher sure did shuck the corn. Slap down to the cob." If he was really good, he "dang near cleared a space and pitched a fit."
2) Opting for the non air-conditioned dorm because it was $60 cheaper for the semester is a great example of poor decision-making.
1) Twins games aren't on tv. Or the radio. And no one cares. At all.


Jordan said...

you shucked the corn on this post.

Megan said...

wow. those southern sayings are worse than i thought they would be. well, at least you can be entertained by them!

Laura said...

I solomnly swear to read your blog daily. Even if I have to read the same post every day, like on Eva's blog when she was out of the country.
I'm so happy about the fact that you are blogging, you don't even know. If I knew one of those southern phrases, I'd say it to show how happy I was.

Josh Koehn said...

I'm appreciate the commitment Laura. And I promise to do my best to honor that by providing you with worthwhile material.

Josh Koehn said...

and when I say I'm appreciate, I mean I'm appreciative. Do grammar, Josh.

Eva Joy said...

If you're having trouble staying regular, I could grab you some stuff from work that might help....

Laura said...

Trust her, she's a nurse. They tend to know about these things.
Me appreciate you blog.

Toni said...

Thank you eva. I could hardly pay attention to the rest of the blog when I read the opening. I appreciate your comment.