Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That's fair

I wouldn't describe myself as a person who's overly concerned with his appearance. I own four grey Melrose Pyrotechnics shirts, and I'm wearing one right now for at least the third day in a row.

That being said, I secretly harbor my share of vanity. A few weeks ago it manifested itself. I was getting ready for church, and I looked in the mirror and thought "Hm. Not bad. I just got a haircut, trimmed the beard, this is a stylish sweater. I'm pretty easy on the eyes." I was quite satisfied with myself.

I get to church, find Guy, Cassie, and Kyle, and we find our seats. A few minutes in, Guy leans over and whispers "You've got toothpaste on your face."

Thanks Lord. Humility is a wonderful thing.


Guy Magno said...

Making an appearance in your blog is one of my favorite things. Thank you...and sorry about the toothpaste.

cutewatergirl said...

Hey Josh, remember the time you came to my church and wore your sweater inside out until Andy pointed it out to you after the service? That was also a good lesson in humility.

Laura said...

Jess you are funny.


It's a good friend that won't let you go through a whole church service with toothpaste on your face. Better than noticing it later on your own.